Controlling  and  Using  Gravitation

          Newton is credited with having first described and quantified gravity.  Einstein is credited with having explained gravitation in his General Theory of Relativity.  However, Einstein’s explanation of gravitation is the attributing of gravity’s effect to gravitational mass’s curving of space creating “peaks” and “valleys” so to speak which deformations then produce the gravitational behavior.  There are two principle defects in that treatment. 

          ■ First is that Einstein presents no explanation of how his contended curving of space by masses is caused;
                he offers no mechanism, no process of how it takes place.

          ■ Second is that if masses curve space then what of the un-curved space to which the mass’s curving is relative?
               Something cannot be curved except in comparison to something “straight”, the before curving state.

          What Einstein did, was to describe the behavior of gravitation, what it does, but not its mechanics and, therefore, he was left without means to understand gravitation, let alone develop from understanding of it to control of it.

“Gravitics – The  Physics  of  the  Behavior  and  Control  of  Gravitation” . . .

                   . . . is the complete analysis of the physics of gravitation and its control all set forth in the book “Gravitics”.

                        »»  The book "Gravitics"                         Down Load the book "Gravitics"

                        »»  Detailed development of  “Gravito-Electric Power Generation”

[pdf article]                                    Gravito-Electric Power Generation

[power point presentation]              Gravito-Electric Power Generation

                        »»  Detailed development of “Gravitation Deflection Spacecraft and Planet Surface Flying Vehicle Drive

[pdf article]                                    Gravitation Deflection Spacecraft and Planet Surface Flying Vehicle Drive

[power point presentation]              Gravitation Deflection Spacecraft and Planet Surface Flying Vehicle Drive


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