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The-Origin Foundation, Inc, a non-profit organization, has limited financial resources. The printing of the 600 page, 8 by 11 by 1, hard bound "The Origin and Its Meaning" in a financially necessary limited quantity has been expensive. Consequently the book is made available as follows.

To Libraries of Institutions where the book will be available to a number of interested parties "The Origin and Its Meaning" is provided at no charge in response to a request from that library indicating that the book will be cataloged and be made generally available. (Libraries at which the book is available are listed at Libraries ).

 Downloading "The Origin and Its Meaning" from this site in PDF format

Copyright : The entire book is copyright protected. License is here given to download a copy of the book for non-commercial use. The downloaded copy may be reproduced in single copies one at a time by xerography and such copies may be given to other persons; however, sale of any download is prohibited. No copies obtained through download or its reproduction may be hard bound.

The entire book is on this site in PDF file format, available for downloading. The download is available approximately section - by - section [section = chapter] as listed in the Table of Contents. [Some lengthy sections are offered in multiple pieces and short sections are grouped together in one file.]

However, a caution: The entire work is an ordered presentation with an integrated development and logic related to that order. Skipping over parts or addressing parts out of context or out of order will lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Only Part IV and Part V can stand alone and they, also, must be addressed in their given order and full content.

 "The Origin and Its Meaning" in paperback

The book can also be purchased in paperback form for $35.00 at Amazon.com see


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