The Philosophy of The Origin

How our universe came to be and how in it we can

evolve rational humane civilization


"The Origin and Its Meaning" shows:

 That our universe is purely and completely material and natural, by virtue of its purely material, natural origin,
and ...

 That human intelligence and rationality are also purely material and natural, by developing the logical structure
and behavior of the interaction of neurons and neuron-like devices -- in effect the "software" that accounts for the
functions performed by the neuronal "hardware" -- including perception, thoughts, thinking, consciousness and


 The universe, and we ourselves, being purely material, it is up to us to use our intelligence to evolve our social organization to the optimum -- a rational, humane society, the Civilization of "Social Love".


 What is "Social Love" ? Love

(1 Page) The meaning of love and its application to the context of society

 Absolute Truth Truth

(2 Pages) Truth, reality and their affect on society

 Absolute Reality Reality

(8 Pages) Rationally finding truth and reality, their significance for society

 The Evolution to Civilization Civilization

(7 Pages) Why the civilization of social love is necessary, why it is possible, and how it is to be achieved. The evolution to that rational society, characterized by:

Truth and Beauty,
Love and Compassion,
Justice and Equity,
Rationality, Culture and Humanism.

                                     You can help the evolution to the Society of Social Love:  How to Be Part


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