The Physics and Science of The Origin

Our material universe and its physical laws derived

from the Origin of the Universe

The Origin and Its Meaning

  A comprehensive logical and mathematical derivation that begins at the only truly valid beginning -- absolute nothing, the state before anything, before everything, which state leads to ...

 ... how and why the material universe, the original matter and energy, came into existence from that beginning and, being unstable, exploded in what we call the "Big Bang", the correctness of which analysis and origin is validated by ...

 ... the derivation mathematically and logically of all of 20th Century physics hitherto merely empirical laws [Coulomb's Law, Ampere's Law, Newton's Laws of Motion, Newton's Law of Gravitation, relativity, radiation, fields, photons, atomic structure, nuclear structure, etc.] from the necessary conditions of that beginning, resulting in ...

 ... the Grand Unified Universal Physics: 

· all forces unified into different aspects of the same underlying action,

· all particles unified into variations on the same fundamental unitary structure, and

· all of the problems of 20th Century physics resolved including:  the wave / particle dilemma of light, the mechanism of gravitation, atomic nuclear structure, the nature of field and its "action at a distance", and the "ether" / medium problem.


 Physics technical papers derived from "The Origin and Its Meaning":
                        ∙ Their postings on the international physics archive  Scientific Papers .
                        ∙ The same papers directly from The-Origin website  Scientific Papers .

 On the human mind and intelligence derived from "The Origin and Its Meaning":  Intelligence

 Problems of science resolved by The Origin and Its Meaning  Problems in Science .

 Analysis of “The General Failure of Modern Physics”  Failure of Physics .

 Some “thought experiments” about "The Origin and Its Meaning" Thought Experiments .

 General description of the physics development in The Origin and Its Meaning  Universal Physics .

 Some one-page papers on some of "The Origin's" New Developments in physics.


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