Proof of Validity :

How can we know that the origin of the universe presented in

The Origin and Its Meaning

is correct ?



While that origin is metaphysical, that is, not within physics, nevertheless
 it leads directly and precisely to the known physics of today's universe.

An invalid origin could not do that.



 There are two components to the problem:   the Hypothesis and the Proof .

    The Hypothesis:


The universe came into existence spontaneously ex nihilo, that is, from absolute nothing.

    There are only two possible hypotheses, each appearing to have difficulties:

 A beginning from nothing [a beginning from something other than nothing
     requires explaining the origin of that something].

 No beginning at all [it always existed or it was made by something that
     always existed]

    The Proof:


The derivation, mathematically and logically, of the laws of physics of our universe from the nature of that origin.

 What does "derivation mathematically and logically" mean ?  Plane geometry
     illustrates such proof and derivation as in this simple example of derivation .

 What are "the laws of physics" and why are they significant ?  This summary of
     the laws of physics explains.


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