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Proof of "Fermat's Last Theorem" (in Only 4 Pages of Simple Algebra)

Remains Not Successfully Challenged

What does this have to do with The Origin and Its Meaning ? The point is the importance of understanding the mechanism of things, the "why" not just the "what".

This proof was developed in less than 10 hours of intermittent effort spread over several weeks. It was successful because, from the beginning, it was a search for why the theorem is true – what effects operating cause it to be so.

That attitude is essential for success in physics and philosophy. It is not enough to understand what happens. It is not enough to say "It is a physical law." One must understand the mechanisms that cause it to happen.

The failure to have that attitude is why 20th Century physics has so many unresolved and by-passed problems. And, the solutions to those problems have been found in The Origin and Its Meaning because the quest there has always been to understand the underlying mechanisms involved.

             See the Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem in pdf format

  The-Origin Foundation's Proof of "Goldbach's Conjecture"

Likewise Remains Unchallenged

The same as said above with regard to Fermat's Last Theorem applies to Goldbach's Conjecture -- that is the necessity of seeking to understand the "how" and "why" of things, not merely the "what".

             See the Proof of Goldbach's Conjecture in pdf format

  The Origin and Its Meaning fulfills D’Alembert’s sought single ultimate principle of truth.

Jean le Rond D’Alembert (1717-1783) was a leading 18th Century French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, and was co-editor with Diderot of the Encyclopedie, the massive first effort to bring all of human knowledge together in a single publication.

D’Alembert contended that all truth was derivable from a single ultimate principle.  However, in spite of that position he never found such a principle nor was there ever any concept of how to go about finding it.

The Origin and Its Meaning has solved the problem – not only finding D’Alembert’s ultimate principle but also actually deriving all of physics from it, that is, starting only with that principle and thus completing D’Alembert’s contention.

That principle, the sole necessary axiom, is that “an infinity is impossible in material reality”.


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